New Glass


Laminated Glass


Adelaide Leadlight Centre is now able to bring many art glasses up to a Grade A safety rating by way of an innovative laminating process.

Many have tried to replicate the beauty and lustre of true art glass as a safety glass, but nothing compares to the real thing.  Until now, the best art glasses have only been available in 3-4 mm thickness and whilst these are suitable for leadlights they have not met glazing code requirements for single piece glazing in many instances.  

This new laminating process means that we can now offer art glass for almost any application from doors, skylights, balustrades, wall hangings, reception counters, room dividers, splashbacks, shower screens etc.

Furthermore, we can offer amazing contemporary glass panels featuring fabrics, stainless steel and printed/photographic interlayers.

We can also create laminated panels using multiple pieces of shaped glass, just like leadlight without the lead.