Please view a small portion of the thousands of leadlight windows Adelaide Leadlight Centre has created and restored.  The photos have been categorised to help you find the one you want.   

Whatever the style of your home, we will work with you to create a leadlight which is both beautiful and sympathetic to the architecture.

Traditional Floral Glass designs

Popular floral designs produced mainly from the late 1800s to mid 1900s.  These classic designs also fit comfortably into modern homes.

Painted and geometric designs produced mainly during the Victorian era, as well as a number of other non-floral designs.
Art Deco

Characterised by the use of contrasting clear glass textures, the simplicity and elegance of this style make it ideal for modern architecture.

A variety of bevelled styles often seen in modern doors and sidelights as well as variations of older styles. 

Styles ranging from modern floral through to more themed and abstract designs.  Effective in adding a splash of colour to today's architecture.

A small selection of wildlife panels created for clients by our studio, often to reflect the environment in which the home is located.