Fusing Supplies

Adelaide Leadlight Centre stocks the largest range of glass fusing supplies in South Australia.  Below are just some of the items in our range. 



System 96
Frits & Powders

5 Particle Sizes - powder, fine, medium, coarse & mosaic
Available in 240g Jars

also available in1.82kg & 18.2kg Jars by special order



System 96
Solid Glass Rods

Available individually in a wide range of colours

Length 500mm
Diameter 5.5mm



System 96

Available in 110g Jars in a wide range of colours or
mixed mardi gras selection



System 96
Solid Stringers &  Noodles

Available in142g packs in a wide range of colours
including Red Reactive

Length 420mm


System 96 Fusers Reserve Glass Packs

Pack of 10 sheets (305 x 305mm) of specialist System 96 glass at a discounted price.
The stunning glass in these packs is not available in Spectrum's normal range, however, the packs are numbered so that you can get the same selection again


Stainless Steel Molds
Small range of spun stainless steel molds. The strongest most durable molds for hot glass work. 

Ceramic Molds
We hold a large range of ceramic molds for slumping, draping & casting.



Murrini Makers
Specially designed mold for fusing together strips of glass, stringers and noodles.


Bullseye Shelf Primer

Bullseye's popular formula.  Each batch is kiln tested to ensure consistency from run to run.  Illustrated instructions discuss application, drying, mixing, precautions and storage.  One 2.25kg bucket will coat about 150  500 x 500mm shelves. Available in 500gm, 2.25kg & 18.14kg.


Holds glass pieces in place prior to firing.  Slow drying allows readjustments as you work.  Organic colorant lets you see where you've put it on clear glass, but burns out in the kiln.  (118ml bottle)



Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper 
Papyros Kiln Shelf Paper is a ceramic based paper specially formulated by Spectrum Glass for glass fusing.
Prevents glass from sticking to the shelf during firing. PAPYROS provides excellent glass/kiln shelf separation on the first use, and frequently in subsequent firings due to its sturdy composition. 

Available by the linear metre (1040mm wide).


Haik Brush
This soft, wide brush is one of the best tools for applying shelf primer quickly and easily to your mold or kiln shelf.


Glassline Paints & Papers

Glassline produces a wide range of easy to use paint pens and fusing papers to add colour and variety to your fusing projects.

Each pack of papers contains 3 different textures of the same colour.  Just cut the paper to the shape or size required.  Can be cut with stencil punch to create unique jewellery.  


Cap with clear or transluscent glass for best result.  Finished product gives crystalline impression, or a look of polished stone. 

Paints are applied directly from the bottle using screw on metal tips.  Paints available individually or in a sets of 14.  Available in a total of 30 colours including metallic copper, gold and bronze.  


E6000 Glue
Flexible, viscous stylene based adhesive ideally suited for attaching glass and jewellery to metal findings, glass to glass and many other applications.  Aheres in 5 to 10 minutes and hardens to a clear waterproof cure in 24 hours. 60ml tube


Mica Powders

Mica powders can add color, sparkle, depth and interest to your fused glass. Compatible with any glass including clear float glass. Sprinkle on and fuse between two layers of glass. Can be mixed with Water Friendly Medium and water and be painted or silk screened on just like enamels. Available in Gold, Silver &Copper.


CBS Dichroic Glass
We maintain a range of CBS dichroic glass compatible with System 96 glass.  We hold the popular colours on black and clear glass as well as a range of specialised patterned dichroic glass.
Available as individual slides (50x100mm), in quarters, halves, full circles and in scrap bags.
Visit our showroom to view the range. 


A very low lead overglaze that prevents devitrification on glass projects.  Proven safe for food bearing surfaces.  Will not discolour reds, oranges or other sensitive tones.  Can be used on dichroic and irridised surfaces.


Superwool Board & Blanket 
This versatile insulation product can be cut with a craft knife to make slumping molds, casting surfaces and dams. 

Available in various thicknesses.
Board size 1000 x 600mm (cut to size available)

Blanket sold by linear metre (610mm wide roll)

Always use a OHSA approved respirator whenever using this material.


Diamond Hand Pads
Finish the edges of your fused glass projects with these diamond grinding pads.
Available in 800 grit, 400 grit, 200 grit & 120 grit.


High Temp Gloves

These heavy-duty gloves are made out of Kevlar high temperature fibers with a wool lining. They are non-asbestos with a manufacture's recommended temperature range of 400C to 600C in direct heat.


Kevlar Light Gloves

Perfect for torch work, opening hot kilns, sorting through glass scraps or working in front of a glory hole or fire bucket. You can use them alone or as protective liners for the heavy duty Kevlar glove. Choose between mens or ladies sizes.


Gold & Silver Leaf

22karat gold & pure silver in leaf form for jewellery and beadmaking.  Books of 25 leaves.  The sheets are interleaved with an ultra-thin roughed sheet of paper protection and easy release.


Gold Pen
Add real gold accents to fused jewellery or other art. Similar to using a felt tip marker. Compatible with any glass. Fire on top or between layers to 560C -620C.



Jewellery Bails
Pendant bails available in 2 sizes in gold and silver plate
Earring bails available in gold and silver plate


High Temp Wire
General purpose wire remains strong in extreme heat of kiln firings and withstands high temperatures for long periods.  1.1mm diameter, 3m long (17 gauge).

High Temp Stamen Wire
0.5mm diameter, 3m long (24 gauge)


Wipeout Tools
Use wipeout tools to manipulate mica powders and paints.  Available in 2 sizes.


Hot Glass Books
We maintain a range of the best hot glass books to provide you with guidance and inspiration, including;

Contemporary Warm Glass An invaluable guide to developing and improving your warm glass skills.  Basic projects such as coasters, tiles, bowls and platters.  

Warm Glass - Beveridge Extensively illustrated hard bound book detailing history and traditional techniques of warm glass with instructions and examples.

Glass Fusing Step by step photos for the novice with easy to follow topics on warm glass processes, temperatures, glass tools and equipment and kilns.

Passion for Colour Clever fusing techniques with 30 pages of project ideas for both the beginner and advance fusers alike.

Innovative Adornments The techniques in this book have been tried, tested and enjoyed in Jayne Persico's workshops for more than 15 years in the US and internationally.  It is her way of sharing many important glass jewellery techniques with new students while providing established crafters additional instruction, practical guidance, motivational hints and refreshers.


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