Adelaide Leadlight Centre has all of the glass working tools that you need.  See some of our range below.



Glass Cutters
Glass cutters come in many shapes and sizes and should be comfortable for long periods of cutting to ensure that the correct pressure is applied consistently.  
Adelaide Leadlight Centre can help you find the best cutter for your hand and cutting style.



Hand Tools
Adelaide Leadlight Centre
has all the hand tools that you will need to create your leadlight and hot glass masterpieces.  We stock only quality tools from reputable longstanding companies, including;

Running Pliers, Grozing Pliers, Lead Dykes, Lead Vices, Lead Knives, 3 Head Hammers, and more.



Morton Glass Cutting System
This superb product allows you to make cuts quickly and accurately. It cuts triangles, rectangles, diamonds and any other geometric shape easily. Just measure once, then cut two or a hundred pieces - all identical!  Great for fusing projects. 

Includes a audio CD and instruction manual to make the learning easy and fun.




Solder Irons
Adelaide Leadlight Centre
has a range of soldering irons for every budget.
The Weller 80 Watt Iron is known for its reliability and was designed specifically for leadlight applications.  We maintain a stock of replacement tips (6mm & 10mm chisel tips).
The Weller 100W temperature controlled iron which is an ideal iron for copper foiling with its ability to maintain heat while melting higher volumes of solder.
We also have solder iron stands to hold your iron safely while its not being used.


Inland Wizling CG
The most powerful grinder in its class.
Reversible work surface for twice the life
Lift off reservoir is easy to remove for quick cleaning. Standard 19mm grinding head included.
Two year full confidence warrantee.


Inland SwapTop GTO
This is a great entry level grinding machine.
Unique built-in variable speed controller.
Standard 19mm grinding head included.
Can be converted to glass saw or flat lapping machine with accessory kits.
Two year full confidence warrantee.


Kristall 1 Glass Grinder
Premium double ball bearing motor construction.
Large 235mm x 280mm work surface.
Standard 19mm grinding head included.
Two Year Full Confidence Warranty.
Easy to set up, perfect entry level machine for stained glass hobbyists.
Big enough to handle most grinding needs

Kristall 2000 Glass Grinder
Same as Kristall 1 but with innovative invisible sponge.


Kristall 1S Glass Grinder
Powerful .353Nm motor.
Premium double ball bearing motor construction.
Large 235mm x 280mm work surface.
Standard 19mm grinding head included.
Two Year Full Confidence Warranty.
Easy to set up, the perfect studio level machine for stained glass professionals.
Big enough to handle all your glass grinding needs.

Kristall 2000S Glass Grinder
Same as Kristall 1S but with innovative invisible sponge.


SwapTop Flat Lap Machine
The SwapTop 6½" Flat Lap Machine is the most affordable full featured glass polishing and stone cabbing set up on the market.  Its water cooled system means no messy oil to clean up.  Faster RPM motor allows you to quickly polish and finish.
Use it to shape and finish flame worked beads, kiln worked projects and fused glass pieces.

Includes: Motor unit, base, grinder work surface with open grid work surface, four 6½" diamond laps (170 grit, 325grit, 600grit, 1200grit), polishing pad, polishing powder & brush, water drip system, splash guard, master lap & arbor and instruction guide.
Quiet and powerful : Direct drive permanent magnet DC motor is stronger than other machines.
Quick & Easy: No hassle product assembly, operation is easy and straight forward, diamond discs changes take less than a minute.

Also converts to Came Saw and/or Glass Grinder with optional conversion kits.


Venco Glassmaster Flat Lap Machine
The Venco Glassmaster is a quality instrument for grinding and polishing glass.  Features include;

Wheelhead accepts standard 14" magnetic grinding discs.
Infinitely variable speed control 0-900rpm
Powerful 3/4hp motor
Long life aluminium tray and stainless steel frame
Tough, clear lift up safety guard
Wheelhead rises for larger projects
Water tap with flexible nozzle
Bristle spray/water trap
Complete range of grinding & polishing discs available.


Covington Vertical Belt Sander
Unobstructed access to sanding work area.
Quick belt change system.
Adjustable backup plate.
Upright bearing support casting mounted on a heavy 16 gauge powder coated steel tank base and hoods.
Water delivery by sponge or water valve (accepts 1/4" tube for gravity or pressure feed)
Single control alignment to keep belt running true.
Shielded bearing, double sealed and greased for life.
Includes operating instructions and guarantee.

Powerful 1/3 HP, 240V motor
Mounted on Lami-I-Cushion base ready to plug in and operate.
Drain system can be provided by 1/2" plastic tube.

Shipping weight 21kg. (635mm x 330mm x 485mm)


Inland DB100 Mini Band Saw
The first diamond band saw engineered and designed to be a multiple use tool that cuts glass, stone and a whole lot more. 
Two diamond blades included.
Replaceable BladeSert blade guides make the most intricate cuts simple. Upper blade guide is adjustable for varying material thicknesses.
The coolant system provides a continuous, regulated flow of clean coolant to the diamond blade for wet sawing.
Five part spring-loaded tension system, ensures proper wheel alignment, simple blade setup and perfect tracking.  Spring-loaded tension system acts like a shock absorber to protect and enhance blade life.
Motor is permanent magnet, high torque, with built in speed control.
Work surface is made of machined aluminium 225mm x 254mm with  drain channels to funnel coolant away and provide clear view while sawing.
Frame, cover and water reservoir moulded from structural grade thermoplastic. Frame and interior support walls are extra thick for maximum strength and durability.
Two Year Full Confidence Warranty.


Taurus 3 Ring Saw
A perfect saw for cutting glass, including dichroic, rippled and fused glass.  Few and long lasting parts mean little maintenance required.  Built in flip up face shield.  Large work surface.  Greater blade exposure plus a built in bright white light surrounds the blade while the saw is operating making seeing your work much easier.  Constructed with metal reinforced polycarbonate.  Cuts in all directions and grinds as it cuts.  Standard blade included.

The entire working part of the saw snaps out of the water bath and contains its own water bath so it can be used as a portable hand saw.  This allows working on the edges of pieces that are too large to bring to the saw.  This feature also makes the saw easy to clean. 

Optional accessory kit includes:
The Straight Edge, Circle Maker, 45 Cutoff Triangle, 30/60 Cutoff Triangle, Lamp Wedge.
Replacement  Blades available:
Standard Blade, general use, omni directional.
Separating Blade, same as standard blade but can be opened to be fed through hole.
Slicer Blade, flat blade for fast cutting backward and forward.
Mega Blade, for dense materials, the strongest of the Ring Saw blades.


Studio 850 Diamond Bandsaw
Designed for the professional glass studio, the 850 has the power to cope with heavy duty workloads.  This top of the line bandsaw cuts intricate shapes in glass up to 75mm thick.
This machine is suited to all glass studios and is ideal for cutting kiln formed glass.
The ½ hp motor teamed with a super strength diamond blade will cut 3mm glass at up to 900mm per minute.