Putty Mix Instruction

Once your leadlight has been soldered on both sides you are ready to putty the panel.

The Adelaide Leadlight Centre putty mix is a carefully prepared two part recipe, a powder and a liquid, designed to make your leadlights rigid and waterproof.

First, place the powder into a suitable container (ie. ice cream container) and slowly add the liquid. Stir thoroughly. The desired consistency should be like thick porridge.

Pour or scoop some of the putty mix over the window and, using a scrubbing type brush, brush the putty under all the leads filling the void between the glass and lead channel. This will form an impenetrable barrier for moisture between the glass and lead.

Pour whiting powder over the first side and smooth evenly over the entire surface of the window.  Remove the excess putty by scrubbing the panel with the brush.

Repeat on the reverse side of the project.

Re-cover both sides of the window with whiting.

Stand window up against a wall for good air circulation and leave to set for approximately 3 hours (summer), 3-6 hours (winter). DO NOT LET SET OVERNIGHT!

Clean the scrubbing brush using mineral turps while the window is setting.

After the project has set, take a sharpened dowel or skewer and run it along the length of each lead to cut a clean edge to the lead line on the first side that you puttied.

Using a scrubbing brush, scrub the entire surface clean of the putty/whiting residue from the glass and lead surface of the project.  Add a little more whiting and continue scrubbing until the glass is perfectly clean.  

Repeat on the reverse side of the project.

Use the dowel again to finally remove any debris still lodged in lead corners.

Now that the project is completely clean use lead polish with a natural bristle brush to blacken leads and solders. Shake the lead polish well, then sprinkle liberally over the window. Brush vigorously over the whole window lead, glass and all, to a brilliant glossy lustre.

This finish will become permanent in a few days, so avoid handling the lead in that time, and in any case the window should be left for that amount of time to obtain its maximum strength.

Install and enjoy! HAPPY LEADLIGHTING