Leadlight Supplies

Adelaide Leadlight Centre has everything you need for your leadlight project.  We are also happy to provide advice if you need it.


Lead & Solder

Adelaide Leadlight Centre
is the SA distributor for Consolidated Alloys and Solders.
We maintain wholesale quantities of all the most popularAuscame lead profiles and have 48 hour access to specialised leads.
Consolidated 60/40 solid core solder is stocked in the form of individual sticks, 500g reels and 3kg reels.


Copper Foil
Adelaide Leadlight Centre stocks the full range of Venture Copper Foils, and all at great prices.
Copper Back Foil 3/16", 7/32", 1/4" & 3/8"

Black Back Foil 3/16", 7/32" & 1/4"


Adelaide Leadlight Centre has all the chemicals you need for leadlighting & copper foiling, including,

Eziweld 801 Flux A versatile flux for many soldering applications. Ideal for copper foil work.
Inland Grinder Coolant Extend the life of your diamond grinding wheels by adding a small amount of Inland Grinder Coolant to the grinder water
Consolidated Patinas Available in copper or black to colour the solder on your copper foil projects. 
Laco Liquid & Paste Flux
A popular Non-Acid flux suitable for both copper foil and leadlighting applications.

Glastar Flux A versatile flux for both leadlighting and copper foil applications from well known producer of leadlight products, Glastar.
Bakers Soldering Fluid A popular flux primarily for copper foiling.  Described by many as a slightly "slower" flow flux than Eziweld 801.
Neil's Liquid Polish Give the lead on your leadlighting projects a high gloss black finish by polishing them with Neil's on a natural bristle brush. 


Bevels & Bevel Clusters
Adelaide Leadlight Centre
has a large range of bevels and bevel clusters to add that extra sparkle to your leadlighting projects.

Our range includes simple diamonds, ovals, circles, stars, squares right through to complex clusters with up to 12 pieces.  Many are available with "glue chipped" surface for extra privacy.

We can also have bevels custom made if you need to match an old classic.


Beautiful high quality faceted jewels add an individual highlight to your leadlights.
Available in a range of 12 colours in many shapes and sizes,
Circles 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm & 50mm
Squares 25mm & 50mm
Tear Drops


Lamp Bases
Adelaide Leadlight Centre
maintains a select range of quality table and floor lamp bases to suit leadlight lampshades.
Bases for leadlight shades need to be heavy in order to counter the weight of the shade so we stock only cast metal bases in traditional styles.


Lamp Accessories
We have all the accessories to fit your leadlight lampshade to your lamp base or hang from the ceiling, including
harps, finials, spiders and caps in many styles and sizes.


Glass Nuggets
We have glass nuggets in 3 different sizes in many colours including a range of irridised colours.

Nuggets are great for mosaics with their irregular shapes and sizes.  They also make an economical alternative to faceted jewels for lamps or leadlights.


Adelaide Leadlight Centre has a wide range of hand-made rondels to give your leadlights that authentic old Victorian look.  Or experiment with rondels in contemporary designs.


Adelaide Leadlight Centre holds literally dozens of leadlighting and foiling books to provide you with instruction and inspiration.

Come in and see our range of books to view hundreds of designs from Australia and abroad.



Clock Movements
Adelaide Leadlight Centre has clock movements for your foiling or fused glass projects.
We also have a range of clock hands and faces.