Adelaide Leadlight Centre has hundreds of textures and colours of glass available and in stock for the best range on any showroom floor in South Australia, and at the best prices for you

As the SA distributor of Axess Glass we are factory distributors for Spectrum Glass and Wissmach one has our range of glass nor do they immediately get supplied every one of their new glasses produced. Visit our showroom and appreciate the colours and textures of our expansive glass range. Compare our prices, and save! 


Spectrum Glass

Spectrum Glass is a manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for leadlighting, architecture and stained glass arts.  With their unique combination of traditional hand-crafted methods and modern glass making technology, Spectrum produces a modern art glass that has set new standards for quality and consistency.

System 96

System 96 is a family of heat-compliant glass products designed and produced to work together both technically and artistically in every facet of the hot glass arts. 
The glass is soft and forgiving to cut. Surfaces are largely smooth and uniform. Compatibility is assured, de-vit is practically non-existent, and the price is substantially less than competing products.

Wissmach Glass

Throughout the years, Wissmach Glass has built an inventory that includes over 3,000 colors, tints and patterns. While preserving the many traditional colors and mixes of the past, Wissmach constantly introduces new colors and types of glass to meet the demands of the artists of today and tomorrow.

Artista Glass

Artista Glass is a high quality lightly textured glass suitable for both leadlighting and fusing applications.  This glass is known particularly for its exceptional cutting properties and clarity.  It can also be processed to become laminated safety glass for architectural applications.

Miscellaneous Textures

Adelaide Leadlight Centre stocks a large range of miscellaneous textured glasses for leadlight and architectural applications.  These include Waverley Flemish, Artico and dozens more.